Joel Styzens is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer and hearing conservation advocate specializing in drums, percussion, guitar, piano and hammered dulcimer. Styzens has toured Internationally in Switzerland and Germany and has been featured on NPR, Chicago's Nationally syndicated WGN news, and in such publications as Time Out, the National Examiner and the UK Hearing Times.
New Edition:
6-panel CD/download
Ultra-fidelity sound
Dec 11 2022PRE-ORDER THE "RESONANCE" ALBUM (Dec 14-Jan 14)
Jul 26 2022New Piano promo - Now Booking for 2023
Jan 1 2022New Film-music Reel
Jul 15 2020Live studio Album Release - Listessence
Apr 20 2020apartTogether: 8 Hearts. 7 Countries. 1 Song - Global Dance Project